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Information on the public transportation from the Marco Polo airport to Venice Mestre is available at The Marco Polo airport is connected to the Venice Mestre Bus Station by bus n°15.

The Ca’ Foscari Scientific Campus can be reached in a few minutes by bus n°43 and n°32H from Venice Mestre Bus Station  By foot it takes around 16 minutes.

The Ca’ Foscari Scientific Campus can also be reached from other airports, such as Milan, Brescia, and Treviso by travelling to the Venice Mestre Railway/Bus Station, then taking the above-mentioned transportation options.


The Ca’ Foscari Scientific Campus is within a short distance from the following hotels, but other options are available via,,,, or

Large variety of hotels is also available in the historical centre of Venice, connected to the Ca’ Foscari Scientific Campus by bus n°43 from Piazzale Roma (about 20 minutes) or by train to the Venezia Porto Marghera Station.

Visa Information

Whether you need a visa to enter Ireland depends on what country you’re from. Find out what you need to enter Italy based on your nationality on the Farnesina website. For more information on Visa requirements, please consult the Department of Foreign Affairs of Italy website. If you need a short-term visa, you will need to contact the Embassy of Italy, or the nearest Consulate of Italy in your home country, to receive guidance on the application process and necessary documents.

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Get Around in Venice Mestre and Venice historical centre

Venice Mestre and Venice Historical centre offer plenty of options for getting from A to B in the city and metropolitan area. Walking and cycling in Venezia Mestre are very viable options, but if you prefer getting around by public transport, find out everything on transport and tickets for getting around via